1What is the minimum age required to jump?

Our court area is fit for children who can walk without supervision. Our jump area has been built in accordance to the safety of younger ones. We also have a special court for children of age 7 and below where they can jump with other children of their age. We recommend parents with little jumpers to visit us during less crowded hours in the day.

2What is the age limit to jump?

As such there is no age limit. The only valid condition is good health and ability to jump.

3Is there any special costume/clothing for jump?

We recommend everyone to wear comfortable clothes. Remove any form of jewelry including studs, sharp objects, piercings, or buckles. You are not allowed to jump barefoot. You need special XFactor grip socks which will be provided by us. We don't allow our guests to wear any other shoes or socks on the trampolines to ensure their safety. People with arm or leg cast aren't allowed to jump. Your safety is our prime responsibility.

4Is it compulsory to make reservations to jump?

If you want to plan a birthday party of a get-together, it is advisable to book it in advance. This will help us to make arrangements as per your expectations and avoid chaos. Also, booking is essential for any weekend events. We welcome walk-ins as per availability.

5What is the minimum number of people required to form a group?

If there are 15 or more paid jumpers then we consider it as a group. For booking the slot for your group, you need to deposit 50% of the total amount.

6Do you offer groups discounts?

We have special pricing for your group events and get together. More the jumpers more would be the discount.

7What are various packages available for birthday parties?

We offer a variety of birthday packages to power up your celebration. Our Parties page will provide you more details about the same.

8Can we book the entire facility for a party?

We have a huge facility and a large area dedicated to 35,000 square feet dedicated to trampolines. The entire space is open for you to enjoy. Yes, you can also rent out the park for your private event.

9When is the dodge ball court available?

The dodgeball court is available on first come first serve basis. You can also hire dodgeball court for your private during the weekdays (Monday-Thursday). You can contact us for dates and pricing.

10Can I rent out the facility for my private event?

Yes, we do provide the entire park for rent for private events. Kindly call us to check the pricing and availability for an exclusive time at X Factor Trampoline.

11Do you support fundraiser events?

We welcome non-profit organizations and schools to schedule a fundraiser event. We will help you organize a unique fundraiser event in the best possible ways. A portion of the proceeds for the group’s jump time will be given to the school or organization. Get in touch with us to know about the exciting details to schedule your fundraiser.

12Is food or drink allowed inside?

No, eatables including drinks would be entertained inside. However, we have plenty of snack and beverage options inside the park.

13For how long are waivers valid?

We keep records of valid waivers for one year. You will have to sign a new waiver if:

1. A year has elapsed

2. You have turned18

3. In case the waiver submitted initially was invalid or incomplete.

To avoid panic or disappointment, we advise you to call is in advance to check whether a valid waiver is on file for you or not.

14Do you charge fees from non-jumpers?

No, the entry fee is only for the participants. But we cannot assure seating of a huge crowd during peak times. We may charge a cover fee during concerts and other big events. You can contact us with any questions.

15How often do you organize parties?

We are open to organizing birthday parties anytime during the regular houses. We book the last party slot of the day 2 hours prior to close.

16Am I allowed to sign an e-waiver for a kid that isn't mine?

No. Only a minor parent or legal guardian can sign the waivers for minors (under 18 age group). The E-waiver is available at our website. To simplify the check-in process, all visitors are requested to submit the completed E-waiver electronically before arriving at the park. Invalid or incomplete waivers shall be rejected.

17What is the minimum deposit to book a party? Is it non-refundable?

You need to submit 50% in advance for a party booking.

No, we don't provide refunds. Rescheduling is subject to fees. Feel free to contact us for details.